Dear friends,
Those of us who lived in Greece for a period of time financially independent, would recognize the futility of the efforts of the 185 signatorees, to reform the Greek University system. We are so absorbed by great ideas that we forget the undeniable underlying fact: According to the annual survey by the Berlin-based organization Transparency International, (and our bitter experience) Greece is the 48th less corrupt country (or the 111th most corrupt).

In any case the most corrupt than the EU 15 and more corrupt than Botswana, Uruguay, Malaysia and Tunisia for example. From my experience, efforts for any reform resemble putting a fine cake icing on a rotten cake. Politicians, Big Money, the Armed Forces, and the whole god damn public domain is corrupt.

So let’s get it straight: No contribution to change can be made by sending letters (which end up edited without authorization or unread to fire someone’s bbq) or limiting our actions in endless academic discussions. If somemany believed in change, they would try to change the whole damn system instead. They would form KEAD: Komma Ellinwn Akadimaikwn Didaskalwn who wouldn’t do compromises or favors and would show no tolerance towards corruption.

So let me dream on: This Hellas would have the Universities that we all now know how they should be, would support the study and preservation of its heritage, would form equal economic partnerships with other nations, would be independent, safe and sovereign (and there would be a new constitution which would force affirmative action). But to restore democracy, would need the return of the exiles who would defeat the Spartan garrison and the forces of the oligarchs.